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Who are we?
Stayflyest is a movement, a community, a family and a platform working on the philosophy that fashion is more than just aesthetics. Using the transformative power of streetwear fashion, we are dedicated to bringing a positive difference in the realm of suicide and mental health issues aiming to reach beyond geographical limitations and empowering people to contribute to this noble cause through quality fashion and enhanced awareness.


Stayflyest LLC took root from the visionary creator’s distinctive ideology that fashion should not be constrained to the boundaries of visual appeal only but must be leveraged to its maximum revolutionary potential of bringing a positive and profound change. This philosophical viewpoint stems from the dream of the late Marty Mena, fondly known as Mack Menace, who envisioned a world where fashion is affordable, inclusive and a catalyst for positive impact. Stayflyest LLC’s products and movement for suicide and mental awareness are the outcomes of this novel notion that is spreading its wings far and wide today


We are on a mission to create and provide streetwear articles suitable for all ages, budget-friendly and suit the diverse fashion preference of street trendsetters, enabling them to wear their desired style with substance. Every article we sell is a gateway to the Stayflyest movement for suicide and mental health awareness, building a community where fashion is the means for revolution and pivotal in its influence.


We envision a world where Marty Mena’s dream is being manifested with profound impact leading to compassionate, familial, lively, and united communities. Where suicide and mental health issues are acknowledged and addressed with empathy, respect and understanding. Among this, we wish to be the beacon of suicide and mental health awareness and assistance, empowering such individuals with the knowledge that they are heard and supported.


Ready to transcend beyond the boundaries of fashion? Aim to leverage the revolutionary power of streetwear fashion? Explore our high-quality and diverse style clothing line today and contribute your part to a mentally healthy and sound society!

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